Glasshouse invites you to come on feel the Illinoise!

February 2018 - The Sugar Club
August 2018 - Another Love Story
November 2018 - Douglas Hyde Gallery


“Broderick’s voice, full of emotion and boasting a gorgeous range, perfectly captured the vulnerability Stevens’ lyrics. As predicted, the opening bars of ‘Chicago’ resonated throughout the packed tent and the crowd, revelling in nostalgia, sang along, not missing a single word.” - The Thin Air

Our biggest show to-date is the 17-member ensemble we assembled to present Sufjan Stevens’ Come On Feel The Illinoise in 2018. First presented at The Sugar Club in February, the show has since hit up Another Love Story for what was a festival favourite for many. It will be back again at The Douglas Hyde Gallery in November for two sold out concerts with Nialler9 and O’Hara’s Beers. Stay tuned for more!


“Magical evening with @MusicGlasshouse in @sugarclubdublin last night . A performance that was at once powerful and painfully delicate . Huge congrats to all involved !”
- @didgesditties

“Floated home after this wonderful evening. Just as touching as the original album. You guys were phenomenal, ye should all be so proud!!”


“#ComeOnFeelDublin tonight from @musicglasshouse was majestic. Really couldn’t have been a better gig.”
- @DavidMJTDoyle

“Thanks @MusicGlasshouse for bringing the detail and dimensions of Illinoise alive. I love it all the more now.”
- @ChrisMacCormack